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Piling and Dredging Equipment and Machinary

Piling and dredging equipment is commonly used by the construction, mining and oil industries. This article takes a look at some of the most popular piling and dredging machinery available on the market, and it explains some of their benefits and uses.


Dredging is the process of removing silt and dirt from the sea floor. In order to effectively dredge an area a piece of equipment called a dredger is required. Dredgers will come equipped with a suction or a scooping device that is able to remove the silt and the dirt. They are commonly used to create safe waterways, harbours, or to mine a location that is filled with a body of water. Some items of equipment used in dredging include a TT pump and cutter suction dredgers.


Vibrodrivers are pieces of machinery that have a hydraulic vibratory hammer. This hammer creates vibrations which are able to push or extract materials from the ground. Common materials used in conjunction with this machine include:

• Wooden piles
• Concrete piles
• Beams
• Steel sheet piles
• Casing and tubes

Equipment used in the process can include vibrolances, vibratory hammers, power packs and excavator mounted vibrodrivers. Vibrodrivers are commonly used on embankments, sewage works, and in the construction of transportation systems such as highways, railways and subways.


Pile driving equipment is available in a huge range of sizes to suit almost any scale of job - no matter how big or small. Hydrohammers are used to drill piles securely into the earth. There is also onshore and offshore pile driving equipment available to purchase.

Handling Systems

There are a large variety of handling systems that can be used during the construction, piling or dredging process. Some of the most common handling systems are broken down into categories which include:

• External lifting tools
• Hydraulic release shackles
• Internal lifting tools
• Bear cages
• Jacket pile grippers
• Levelling equipment
• Skidding equipment
• IHC hytop

Additional earth moving equipment may be required to complete your project. Earth moving equipment includes excavators, dumptrucks and wheelers. piling contractors may also be bought or hired to lift heavy piles and structures. A specialist will be able to advise you on the right type of machinery for your and your project's needs.

Purchasing Second-hand Equipment

Second-hand equipment is also available to purchase. All equipment that is sold by a reputable retailer will be checked and inspected to ensure that it functions properly and meets all of the current safety guidelines. Second-hand equipment provides a more economical option in comparison to purchasing the equipment brand new.
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